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At festivals, concerts, marathons and more, we've enjoyed volunteering at hundreds of events for over a decade! Check out our Events page to read more about our latest and upcoming opportunities!

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Since 1993

Who Are the TriState Volunteers?

Also known as TSV, we are a non-profit organized group of individuals who love our region and the cities that comprise it. We feel that together, we are able to serve these cities...and in the process have fun! We are part of the areas comprised of Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati and Southeastern Indiana.

We help staff a multitude of events from marathon runs to festivals. We do so to help worthy causes, our cities and to perpetuate our organization.

We have fun each year with five softball teams, nine volleyball teams and social outings such as picnics, bowling, theater and more! Our members come from diverse backgrounds. Considered ' professional Volunteers' some of us have been involved with organized volunteering together for 25 years! Doing so through a group such as TSV means you get to meet great people, share in comradery, foster friendships and learn more about the Tri-State area in which we all live, work and play.

We hope you join us and become a member who will find out the joys and advantages of being a volunteer.

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